The Keller Funnel

Keller Funnel

The Keller Funnel™ does more than just make it easier to insert silicone gel implants into the surgical pocket. The FDA suggests that one of the mechanisms for rupture is damage during implantation.4 The traditional insertion method whereby the implant is forced through an incision with the tip of the surgeon’s finger causes significantly higher local stress than is caused with KellerFunnel™ usage. The KellerFunnel™ minimizes stress on the implant by dispersing a much smaller force over a much larger surface area.5 By decreasing stress on the implant, long term intracapsular rupture rates may be reduced along with costly re-operations to replace failed implants. As an example, an independent engineering study showed that by using the KellerFunnel™ the measured force on a 300 cc smooth round implant inserted through a 3.5 cm incision was reduced from a mean of 8700 grams (19.2 lbs) to a mean of only 273 grams (0.60 lbs). The traditional finger push method requires over 27 pounds of force to deliver a 400 cc silicone implant through a 3.5 cm incision. The Keller Funnel™ reduces that force by over 95% to only 0.64 pounds.

The proprietary hydrophilic coating, by lowering the coeffi­cient of friction, reduces the forces needed to advance the implant. That reduction of force is good for the doctor, good for the patient, and great for the implant.

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